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Siege of the Alamo February 23, - March 6, 1836.

Of the 188 defenders at the Alamo, twelve were Irish-born; many more were of Irish heritage.  As you enter the Alamo Shrine, you will see flags representing the countries of those who perished. Immediately to the left of the entrance door is the Tricolor Flag of Ireland. This flag is in first position to honor the Irish who died that fateful March day.

Below are your names.

Known Irish-Born Defenders who died at the Alamo:
Samuel E. Burns, Andrew Devalt, Robert Evans, Joseph M. Hawkins, William Daniel Jackson, Thomas Jackson, James McGee, Robert McKinney, James Nowlan, Jackson J Rusk, Burke Trammell, William B Ward.

Irish Americans from Texas:
James Brown, James Hannan, Samuel B. Blair, Edward McCafferty, Miles Andross, Jerry C. Day, John Joseph Valentine, and Robert Moore.

Irish Americans from Kentucky, Tennessee, and other states:
David Crockett, Peter James Bailey, Daniel William Cloud William H. Fontlenoy, George Butler, Charles Clark, Green B. Jamison, James Gerrand, Joseph Kerr, Issac Ryan, James Kenny, William Linn, William T. Malone, William P King, Charles S. Smith, Jonathan L. Lindley, and many other known patriots who valued feedom more than life itself at this shrine.

Dr. Sean Burke, Patrick J. Dowd, and Colonel Joseph B. McShane; the three founding members of the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas, began the tradition of laying a wreath at the Alamo shrine on March 17, 1967. This was the first official function of the newly formed society. Since then, the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas’ members have placed a wreath at the door of the Alamo each year on St. Patrick's Day to honor the Irish heroes who lost their lives in 1836.

Compiled by Patrick J. Dowd, Chairman Emeritus of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Commission, 1994.


The Irish Texans, by John Brendan Flannery
Alamo Defenders by Bill Groneman
Shamrock and Cactus by M.Ryan

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